MF is proud to announce its new research centre called the MF Center for the Advanced Study of Religion!

MF CASR is an academic space for scholars of religion at MF, as well as a research hub for national and international scholars of religion connected to MF. MF CASR welcomes a broad cooperation with scholars of religion from other institutions. MF CASR is multi-disciplinary and embraces disciplines such as religious studies/history of religion, philosophy of religion, biblical studies, cultural and art history, and the sociology of religion. MF researchers are engaged in multiple themes and topics, ranging from feminist theology, rituals in secular society, interreligious dialogue, religion and media, material religion and new philology, to religion and violence, right-wing populism and religion and politics in Europe, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

MF CASR is located at the MF campus at Majorstua in the middle of Oslo and is an integral part of MF. Its staff is composed of MF researchers and guest researchers. It does not receive grant applications.


The aim of MF CASR is to:

  • serve as a leading academic space for the scholarly study of religion
  • serve as location and hub for on-going research activities
  • facilitate  research and project cooperation between MF and external institutions
  • communicate MF’s research to the policy community and relevant stakeholders
  • provide academic input to public debates about religion in Norway


The MF Centre for the Advanced Study of Religion hosts weekly meeting points and brown bag seminars, conferences, workshops, roundtable discussions, and open public events.The Centre offers positions as “MF CASR Global Research Fellow” and office facilities for visiting scholars connected to MF CASR researchers. In addition to this website, the centre communicates through its Facebook page and a regular newsletter.

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