MF CASR is pleased to announce our lineup of Tuesday Lunch Talks for the spring.


30 January: Asle Eikrem, Book Talk: "Who? How Many? An Ethics of Migration for Norway"


6 February: Victor Ghica, “The Archaeology of Fourth-Century Christianity in Egypt and DEChriM’s Work Packages”       

13 February: Unn Målfrid Høgseth Rolandsen and Liv Ingeborg Lied, MF CASR Ideas Workshop: Do you have an idea for a RCN or ERC application?

20 February: WINTER BREAK

27 February: Ragnar Misje Bergem, "Monoteisme og politikk"


5 March: Nora Eggen, «Hvem eier teksten? Autoritet og legitimitet i koranoversettelse»

12 March: Francis Borchardt, “The Myth of the Sibyls and the Production of Sibylline Oracles”

19 March: Tore Bjørgo, «Høyreekstrem vold, terror og hatkriminalitet: Hva er det?»



2 April: Ingunn Aadland, "Bible Reception and the Discursive Space of Culture"

9 April: Liv Ingeborg Lied and Dana Ryan Lande, “The Tolls of Public-Facing Scholarship”

16 April: Matthew P. Monger and Silje Einarsen, «Hellige skrifter: praksiser for tolkning, fremføring og helliggjørelse»

23 April: Ideas Workshop

30 April: Solvor Mjøberg Lauritzen and Alexandru Zamfir, "Education about Roma Slavery in Romania"


7 May: Laura Marie Mork, “How to Become a Father of the Country as a Usurper - Legitimation of Rule and Social Order in the Time of Gustav Vasa”

14 May: Iselin Frydenlund, “A Buddhist Revolution or a Revolution of Buddhism? Attempts at Theorizing the Myanmar Spring Revolution”

21 May: Mia Lövheim, "Constructive Journalism on Religion: Cases, Characteristics and Questions for Further Research"

28 May: Årstein Justnes, «Dødehavsrullene og historier om tap – av fragmenter, manuskripter, bilder og tilgang»


4 June: Florian Neitman, Title TBA