MF CASR is pleased to announce our lineup of Tuesday CASR lunches for the fall.


16 August: Otfried Czaika, “Between Cultural History and Church History: The Edition of Elisabeth Vasa’s and Christoffer of Mecklenburg’s Inventory”

23 August: Ariadne K. Marketou and Robert E. Berge, “Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Early Codex: Digital Humanities and Archaeometry”

30 August: Olav Elgvin, “Formal Canon, Actual Canon and Super-canon: Using the Translation Lens for Understanding Canonization in Norwegian Islam”  


6 September: Ingunn Aadland, “‘Jesus og barna’ (Mark 10,13–16 par) i hybride nærkontekstar: Bibelteksten som grenseobjekt mellom ritual og teologi”

13 September: Marion Grau, Book Talk

20 September: Andreas H. Hvidsten, Book Talk

27 September: Michael A. Mørch, “Systematic Theology as a Rationally Justified Public Discourse about God”


4 October: Autumn break

11 October: Atle Søvik, Book Talk

18 October: James Crossley, “Violent Apocalypticism and National Myths: The Reception History of John Ball and the English Uprising of 1381”

25 October: Cynthia Moe-Lobeda, 2022 MF CASR Global Fellow


1 November: Hege C. Finholt, “Feminist Critiques of Classic International Relations Theories (International Theories), Exemplified by Mainstreaming Gender”

8 November: Guro Warhuus Samuelsen, TBA

15 November: Håkon F. Teigen, "The 'Other' Church: The Manichaean Impact on Egyptian Christianity"

22 November: No MF CASR lunch

29 November: Maren Seehawer, “Dialogue between Epistemologies as Quality Education. Exploring the Integration of Indigenous and Western Knowledges in South African Classrooms”


6 December: Trine Anker, “Controversial Issues in Religious Education”