We are excited to introduce a new research lab at MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society: Lab for Manuscript Studies and Digital Research (L-MaSDR).

L-MaSDR is a cutting-edge research project that aims to provide digital humanities tools and training to support the study of ancient manuscripts. The project will use computational methods and artificial intelligence to explore various aspects of manuscript culture, such as textual transmission, materiality, provenance, and reception.

L-MaSDR is led by a team of experts in the fields of manuscripts and digital humanities. Dr. Mina Monier, the Director, will be working in liaison with an advisory board consisting of distinguished scholars in the field of manuscript studies: Professors Liv Ingeborg Lied, Brent Nongbri, and Matthew Phillip Monger.

L-MaSDR is looking for motivated and enthusiastic early-career researchers who want to join the project and become employed in the lab. The project will offer training opportunities in various digital humanities techniques, such as TEI/XML transcription, creating Virtual Research Environments (VREs), data management, database, mapping, and visualisation.

If you are interested in joining L-MaSDR, please contact us at lmasdr@mf.no. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to our team!