MF CASR is pleased to announce our lineup of Tuesday Lunch Talks for the autumn.


29 August: Sergio Scatolini, “Islamic discourses for balanced, cooperative, and dynamic spiritual ecosystems: it is time for a 'Copernican Turn'”


5 September: Sturla Stålsett, Book Talk: A Political Theology of Vulnerability

12 September: John Kaufman, “Helse eller frelse: Hvordan responderte de kristne i antikken på de store epidemiene?”

19 September: Linn Sæbø Rystad og Hilde Marie Movafagh, “Challenging autoethnography and ourselves – researching our own experiences as female pastors in Norwegian Free Churches”

26 September: Julian Degen, “Orbiting around a Persian Sun: Greek and Jewish Discourses on the Achaemenid Empire”



10 October: Alexandru Zamfir and Solvor Mjøberg Lauritzen, "Teaching about Roma Slavery in Romania and beyond: Ways forward" *reschedule to 30 April 2024*

17 October: Hege Cathrine Finholt and Katrin Lossleben, “Gender Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Academia”

24 October: Maren Seehawer, “Dialogue between Epistemologies as Quality Education. Exploring the Integration of Indigenous and Western Knowledges in South African Classrooms”

31 October: Torkel Brekke, “The Role of the Researcher in a Contested Political Field. Some Reflections on Writing about Antisemitism and Anti-Zionism on the Left”


7 November: Iselin Frydenlund, “A Buddhist Revolution or a Revolution of Buddhism? Attempts at Theorizing the Myanmar Spring Revolution”

14 November: Jan Selling, “Roma Slavery and the Romanian Orthodox Church”

21 November: NO LUNCH TALK

28 November: Janicke Heldal, Book Talk: Demokratisk medborgerskap. En pedagogisk tilnærming