In September, MF welcomed Ragnar Misje Bergem as a Postdoctoral Fellow.  Now we're happy to welcome him to MF CASR.

Bergem's project focuses on the place and meaning of representation in political life, analyzed from a theological perspective.

"I want to understand why many today are moving away from the idea of political representation, and what is meant by the concept of representation as such," he says.

His analysis focuses on the theological dimension of the question and the way theology has historically influenced political theory, with a particular focus on the implicit metaphysical and theological presuppositions that underpin political theories of representation.

When talking about MF CASR, Bergem said, "I am thrilled to be allowed to participate in the thriving research community at MF and MF CASR. It is encouraging to do an interdisciplinary research project in an institution that constantly encourages close collaboration between researchers with expertise in theology, religious studies, history, as well as the social and political sciences."

Everyone at MF CASR is excited for Bergem's contribution to this community.